Accepted forms of ID

If you would like to obtain a loan from us or sell an item to us, you will need to provide appropriate Identification.

Like opening a bank account we require you meet the 100 point Identification Criteria to prove who you are.

You must provide at least one form of ID that is Government Issued.

If this piece of ID does not show your date of birth, you must provide another form of ID from either the Government or one that shows your date of birth. 

You will also be required to supply documentation with your current residential address.

Some examples of Acceptable ID are:

*Drivers Licence   *Digital Licence    *Passport    *Birth Certificate    *18+ Card    *Medicare Card    *Pension Card    *Health Care Card

Extra ID:

*Bank Statement    *Rental Receipt     *Utility Bill (phone, gas, electricity, water)    *Student ID

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